8 Unique Sex Positions That You Must Try

Spice it up

I am quite sure that you have been doing some of the conventional sex positions so many times that you are now wondering what’s next. You sex life is slowing and you are looking for ways to spice it up! I know you haven’t tried some sex positions and as such here are some of the unique sex positions that will spice up your sweet moment with your partner.


The Spork is close to the classical spoon position. With this position, your man gets in between your legs as you lie with your back. This position ensures that your man has the best view of your body while he does the rounds. Also, your hands will be free to explore, making him moan with pleasure!

Good vibrations

While sited on top of your washing machine, let your guy stand as he penetrates you. Once he is inside, tighten your thighs and you can also pull his butt towards you in order to get a deeper penetration. When in that position, now turn on the washing machine. The vibrations and circles of the machine will give you delicious sensations and also the heat from the machine will make the moment even more pleasurable.


Allow your guy to with one leg bent at the knee while the other leg is stretched out for stability. Now it will be your turn to sit on his lap facing him. It is an awesome position as he can use his hands to control your hips and also you can control most of the movements. In this position, your guy will be able to comfortably have access to your nipples with his lips.

Doorway Play

In this position, the man squats with his back leaning on a door frame. His hands should be placed at the lower back to provide some cushioning while his legs should be parallel to the floor. As you stand facing away from him, spread your legs so that they are on either side of his legs and slowly go down into his cock. You can balance by bending over and pushing against the opposite door frame. As the driver, you can vary the both the speed and depth of the penetration.

The ape

It is a simple and unique position where your man lies on his back and raises his legs such that his knees are close to his chest. You will then sit on him for penetration while facing away from him with his legs on her back. Use you feet for balance and also to control the motion. This is a good sex position for a deep penetration.

The waterfall

While at the edge of the bed, let the man lie on his back with his shoulders and head on the floor as you ride him. When in the climax, the blood will rush to his other head too and you are more likely to blow his mind off with great sensations.

Affectionate couple in kitchen

Kitchen encounter

Sit on the kitchen counter, your feet flat on the counter while her knees are up to her chest. Let your man stand facing you, hold his shoulders for support while he grabs your bum. While holding your bum, let him propel you back and forth. This position gives you very deep penetrations for the ultimate pleasure.

Afternoon delight

This easy sex position is a perfect one for the afternoons when you want a slow sex session. Try it out whereby your man lays on his side while you lay on your back at a right angle to him and allow him to go in easily by putting your knees over his hip.

Try it out in a new location

To create new and exciting moments with your partner, always try to be innovative in the locations that you try out these moves. Studies indicate that whenever you have sex somewhere new and unexpected, the brain releases hormones that increase passion and desire for one another.

5 Sex Toys That Will Make Your Partner Scream

Sex toys for spicier sex life

According to a recent study from Indiana University, 37% of women and men have used vibrators during sexual intercourse while 41% used them during foreplay. The study established that guys argued that sex toys increased sexual desire and intercourse satisfaction. Basing on this study, it is evident that sex toys help couples and partners to enjoy their sexual intercourse. They help blow one another’s mind and thus spicing up their sex life. In this regard, here is a list of sex toys that will leave your partner screaming.

The best sex toys

Zini Deux

This unique sex toy will give both the man and the woman great pleasure. Its unique egg-shape has two vibrators in one; a concave one for cupping the testicles of your man and a convex one for the woman’s clitoral stimulation. The Zini Deux fits perfectly in your hands and has buttons to control the intensity. Since the scrotum is the most sensitive organ of a man, by cupping his balls will only leave him helpless. Besides, the concave half can be used on his neck, butt, and on the head of his pennies. With this little monster, your guy will scream!

1335518715_masajeador_zini_deuxVibrate Mystic Wand Vibrating Massager

This wireless and very powerful sex toy is made to give full body stimulation. When placed in your woman’s nipples, you will simply blow her out of this world. Another cool trick you can pull with this sex toy is to tie your partner up. Then balance the sex toy against her clit. What will happen? Her orgasm will be much more intense and powerful that you will leave her screaming.

The Rabbit Habit

This is among the classic sex toys around. It is classical just because of one reason; it is made up of two parts that will give you or your partner the ultimate pleasure. The first part is the shaft which is meant to provide G-spot stimulation. The bunny ears add the pleasure by giving you external stimulation. I bet with this wonderful sex toy, your partner will scream that you are the best!


Lelo Tiani

Lelo Tiani comes with a remote that uses a SenseMotion sort of technology and it has eight modes that can be adjusted by simply shaking your wrist. Also, the remote vibrates each time he controls the patterns allowing both of you to feel the same sensations. This amazing sex toy allows you to vibe together by giving you double pleasure. The clitoral and G-spot stimulation and the vibration on the head’s penis will leave both of you lost in paradise.

Jimmy Jane Form 3

This vibe has a vibrating touch pad that bends to allow you to focus on the areas you want to get sensations. It will be perfect if your guy will be the one doing it because you will feel his finger while he is pressing through the material. For a screaming session, let him place the larger part on your pubic mound while the vibrating part works on your clitoris.

Adventurous sex life

If you have a more playful and free attitude towards sex, it is most likely that you will enjoy a more satisfying sex life together. With these sex toys, you will be able to have a more adventurous sexual relationship and get the ultimate pleasure during sexual intercourse.

5 Hot BDSM Movies

Doms, Subs, and Love

Recently It seems as though modern society has become obsessed with a, until recently, very closed and secretive erotic community mostly know by the acronym BDSM, or bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism. The name says it all, BDSM films are the ones with all the hot girls, and sometimes guys, in leather, tied up nice, getting their ass smacked with a riding crop. Though most of the mainstream attempts at serious BDSM entertainment have come up with mocking, cheesy, and sometimes judgmental takes on the lifestyle, there are some great, serious, hot and titillating films that will have you ready for the leather and riding crop. Below is our list of five of some of the hottest BDSM movies.

Masks, Leather, and Whips, Oh My!

The greatest BDSM movies are the ones written, directed, and starring the people that really understand the lifestyle and what gets BDSM practitioners going. This list includes the movies that brought the BDSM sub-culture into the light of the mainstream without sacrificing its hard-core aspects.nymphomaniac1

  1. Fifth on the list is a two part great epic of sexual exploration, Nymphomaniac. Written and directed by the amazing German director Lars Von Trier, this two part series, is filled to the brim with gritty, sexy, beautiful bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism. While Nymphomaniac is not solely a BDSM film, and doesn’t always highlight the glamour’s of the sexual experience, there is realness to the film that anyone living the lifestyle will fall in love with. From the scene of our heroine and her partner performing the silent duck (“I would dread to see the quacking duck.”) to a beautifully choreographed orgy atop a coal pile, something about Nymphomaniac is sure to get a rise out of you.
  1. Fourth is a semi-obscure, but delightful fantasy feature. The Pet, a 2006 unrated film, is an excellent example of the sub/dom relationship of BDSM. After a wealthy aristocrat loses his beloved setter and falls into a state of grief and mourning, a young woman in a financial crisis agrees to become his pet for a large sum of cash. With the pet being nude for most of the film, being collared by her master, and playing fetch and peeing in the woods, this movie is a hot must see fetish film for anyone that gets off to pet play.
  1. Belle De Jour, Third on the list, is perhaps the most well known of the classic BDSM influenced cinema. A Strange, unique, and memorable film, Belle De Jour is a 1967 French masterpiece depicting a meek young house wives memories and fantasies. Married to a doctor, whom she loves dearly, but is not physically attracted to, our heroine launches into brutal, steamy, sexy fantasies of being kidnapped, placed in bondage, whipped, and being taken by strange men in a forest.secretary
  1. Famed actors Maggie Gyllenhal and James Spader star in our number two spot, The Secretary. When a young woman recently released from a mental hospital becomes the secretary of a demanding lawyer, she soon finds herself being fitted for a saddle, bent over a desk, and squeezing a carrot between her teeth as she’s brutally spanked by the one and only Mr. Spader. Need I say more?
  1. Finally, plugging the hole of our number one spot, is the 1975 movie adaption of the classic BDSM novel The Story of O. This amazing film, now over forty years old, appears as if it could have been made as recently as this year. O is introduced to sadomasochism by her lover and taught all about love and commitment through a willing kidnapping to a strange chateau where she is forced to wear a skirt with no panties and have her breasts exposed at all times. Throughout the film O is savagely placed into bondage and whipped with a riding crop and slowly learns to love her captors and her treatment. Considered by many to be the greatest BDSM film of all time, a must have in any Sub or Doms movie collection.

In The Afterglow

With so many great films with the BDSM lifestyle at their center, a few barely missed the list. Movies like the Spanish Sadomania, and the cult classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Were the forbearers of the current mainstream infatuation with all things bondage, discipline, and sadomasochist, and definitely worth the watch if you can take anymore after the first five on our list. A great way to spend a night on the couch or the bed, alone or with your sub or dom, just don’t forget the safe word.